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We advise that you should seriously consider insuring your pet

The idea of insuring your pet seems ridiculous until you are faced with a vet’s bill for an operation or a series of operations. As one-in-three pets will need to have veterinary treatment this year we strongly recommend you insure your pet’s. 4 weeks FREE insurance will be provided to you when your puppy or kitten is vaccinated with us. Pet insurance can cover you against a range of eventualities including accidents, sickness, loss or theft of your pet, the cost of cancelling your holiday because your dog runs away, or against your liability for any injury your dog causes to a third-party. The exact level of cover you get varies from policy to policy but will often include the following:

  • Veterinary Fees 
  • Theft and straying
  • Third party liability
  • Accidental damage
  • Death Benefit
  • Advertising/reward for lost pet
  • Holiday cancellation
  • Boarding fee

What you need to tell your insurance company before taking out a new policy: Before taking out pet insurance be aware that pre-existing conditions will not be covered and a full clinical history will be submitted with each claim. The types of cover available: You have the option to go for either a lifetime or yearly policy, lifetime cover means that claims roll over into the next policy year and do not incur exclusions, whereas yearly cover will exclude any conditions which have been claimed for each time the policy renews, theretofore any life long conditions (diabetes, heart disease etc.) will only receive 12 months cover. About policy cover: The maximum benefit, which is the amount you can claim, ranges from £1,000 to £10,000 per year. Some insurers break this amount down into conditions or place maximum benefits on certain procedures. About policy excess: This is the amount the insurer requires you to pay. This is usually a calculated amount per condition per policy year, when you pet is considered senior, you may also be required to pay a percentage of any claim. Changing insurers There can be certain implications to changing insurer and any previous conditions will be excluded. During examination existing conditions will be noted, even if no treatment is required. Claiming directly from the insurance company In order to help our clients through what can be a very stressful time, we do attempt, where possible, to make direct claims from insurance companies but we are not obliged to do this. Finally, make sure to read all your policy documents carefully and ensure that the policy will meet your expected needs. It’s well worth checking the exclusions and small print before committing to any policy.

Health Plan

At CheshirePet we have also designed our Best Friends Health Plan so that you as a pet owner can ensure your pets receive the very best quality preventative treatments, through a simple monthly direct debit. the concept of spreading the annual cost of household bills is a regular and well recognised feature of our daily lives – why should the essential preventative treatments for your pets be any different? Benefits of the plan include an overall minimum 20% saving compared to”pay-as-you-go” as well as discounts on many other products and services at the practice. Talk to one of our team for more information and sign up by completing a simple form. The Best Friends Health Plan includes:

  • Annual Health Check and Booster vaccination
  • Half price starting course of vacciantions
  • Free microchip
  • Six month Health check by a Vet
  • Flea treament for 12 months
  • Lungworm prevention
  • Worming treatments
  • Half price Kennel Cough
  • 10% discount on Rabies vaccination
  • 10% Discount on Neutering / Dentals All diets
  • Access to Low cost Trauma insurance
  • Rabbits receive: Vaccination, plus six monthly health and dental checks Rearguard annually to proctect against flystrike

Best Friends Health Plans and costs per month

  • Small dog under 10kg just £12.50
  • Medium Dog 10-25 kg just £13.75
  • Large Dog 25-40kg just £17.25
  • Giant Dog over 40kg just £24.00
  • Cats just £12.50
  • Rabbits just £6.50
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