CT Scan

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Computer Tomography - CT Scan

A state of the art Computed Tomography Scanner has been installed on site in our purpose-built premises at the Winterley practice allowing us to provide the most up to date imaging techniques for our clients and referral patients. 

Commonly known as a Veterinary C.T. or CAT scan, it allows us to see soft tissue and bones with incredible detail. In fact, we can quickly and non-invasively identify internal structures and see their shape, size, density and texture.

The patient will undergo sedation or general anaesthetic for the procedure, so they remain completely still. The table on which the pet is lying is slowly advanced into the part of the machine that performs the scan. An X-ray tube rotates 360 degrees around the patient to record the X-rays from many angles.

This data is transmitted to a computer, which builds up a 3D cross-sectional picture of the part of the body and displays it on a computer monitor, this allows us to obtain a diagnosis very quicky and may avoid lengthy or invasive procedures. 

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