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Treating your cat with a unique understanding and dedicated feline care at every visit

Cat owners will understand that bringing your feline friend to the vet can raise challenges: encouraging your cat to get into their carrier at home, the stress of the car journey to the clinic, waiting in a reception area that may be shared with dogs, some of which may be barking…..All of these factors can cause anxiety to your cat as well as to you as a cat owner!

Cheshire Pet Medical Centre has always aimed to provide the best level of care that we would expect for our own pets alongside a thoughtful personal touch.


For cats, being separated from the sight and sound of dogs in a peaceful, purpose designed area with pheromone infused rooms enhances their veterinary experience, allowing a more rewarding and relaxing consultation.


We know that quality care takes time, which is why all our vet consultations are a minimum of 15 minutes.


Extended consultations mean we can spend more time on gentle handling and getting acquainted with your feline companions and we are all trained in cat friendly handling and behaviour to facilitate this. 

We have designed the cat clinic from a cat’s point of view: calming colours, windows to look out of during consultations, equipment chosen to make examinations calmer and easier for your cat, as well as room to explore and assess mobility.

We are an ISFM Silver Clinic, an accolade with rigorous criteria we are proud to have achieved.

We also offer a vaccination programme designed around your cat’s lifestyle.

What is an ISFM Silver Cat Friendly Clinic?

  • Cheshire Pet cat clinic consult room is only used for cats – there are no smells of dog that can cause anxiety for your feline friend.  We use cat-friendly handling techniques to minimise their stress levels.
  • Our reception area has tables for your cat’s carrier to sit on so they can look out from a height, which they prefer.
  • Cage covers infused with feline pheromones are available in the reception area to cover your cat basket and further relax your cat.
  • Our feline hospital ward has comfortable cages with hideaways to keep cats as relaxed as possible during their stay
  • We have top of the range equipment, such as dental x-ray machine to optimise our feline dentistry, ultrasound scanner with probes particularly suitable for scanning cats plus an onsite CT scanner to avoid lengthy travel to referral centres for our more complex cases
  • All of our staff engage with Continuous Professional Development to stay up to date, and many staff members have postgraduate qualifications that enhance their skill set and knowledge when caring for your cat.
  • We keep odours, bright lights, and loud noises to a minimum

These are just some of the steps we have taken to be able to provide the highest standard of veterinary care in the most comfortable environment possible.


  • 20 minute consultations 

  • In-house laboratory testing 

  • Nurse clinics 

  • Diagnostic imaging 

  • Digital radiography

  • Dental radiography

  • Ultrasound 

  • Echocardiography

  • Advanced imaging: onsite CT scanner

Cat Advice

Cat Advice

Helpful information, top tips and advice on how to help keep your feline friends healthy 

Pet Health Club™

Pet Health Club™

Save money on your pet's routine preventative health care with the Pet Health Club™!



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What is a Cat Friendly Clinic?

What is different about a specialist cat friendly clinic? 


The ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic programme means that accredited clinics have reached a higher standard of cat care 

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Roz Newton - Registered Veterinary Nurse & Clinical Coach

Roz Newton

Roz Newton RVN VNCertECC Registered Veterinary Nurse & Clinical Coach
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Catherine Ball - Registered Veterinary Nurse

Catherine Ball

Catherine Ball RVN Registered Veterinary Nurse
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