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Cat Clinics

Treating your cat with a unique understanding and dedicated feline care at every visit

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Our purpose-built ISFM accredited cat-only clinic at Cheshire Pet Winterley, makes your cat's visit to the vets a positive one. Giving you the peace of mind that your cat will be less stressed and anxious at each visit.

  • Specially educated vet and nurse team, offering a gentle, calm and empathetic approach to feline patients to reduce your pet’s anxiety during their visit.
  • Comprehensive services for all breeds of cats. From routine care to nutritional advice, nurse clinics, ultrasound and everything in between.
  • Clean, calm and modern cat only waiting area, consultation rooms and ward (designed to minimise stress).

Bringing your cat to the vet can be a stressful experience for owners, as well as cats. To try and help reduce stress for both you and you cat we are proud to offer cat-only clinics every day in our purpose-built cat only premises. The principal cat clinic vet is Laura Atkinson, Laura holds an advanced qualification in feline medicine, Nurses Cathy Ball and Ros Newton are Cat Advocates and all of our vets and nurses use cat-friendly handling techniques (approved by the International Society of Feline Medicine – ISFM) and we make every effort to handle your cats in a calm, quiet manner. 

Our premises have been awarded the Silver Standard by the International Society of Feline Medicine, which is the veterinary division of 
International Cat Care.

  • Dedicated building attached to our current practice and it comprises a feline-only reception area.
  • Away from sight and smell of dogs to promote relaxation.
  • Clean, calm and modern consulting room and prep area (a quiet area that allows measurement of cats' blood pressure, blood sampling, preparation for surgery as well as caring for inpatients).
  • Plugin pheromone diffusers constantly releases feline-friendly pheromones to help relax your cat after a potentially stressful car journey to us. 
  • ISFM Silver Cat-Friendly Clinic status. Cat-Friendly Clinic accreditation is an internationally recognised award, and it means that we have met criteria to help minimise stress in (your) cat/s in our clinic. Stress has a major impact on cat welfare and our cat clinic has been designed to minimise as many causes of stress for cats in our practice and all of our team understand cats and their unique needs.
  • Vets and nurses know that cats need to be approached in a gentle, calm and empathetic way to minimise anxiety during their visits and have been specifically educated to handle cats and decrease their stress.

If you would like to book or for more information about our cat only clinic, please call 01270 765555.


Laura will be offering a referral service for feline patients and all of our vets offer a first opinion service, many of our staff hold advanced qualifications in their fields This means that we can offer a comprehensive service for all breeds of cats, from routine care to nutritional advice, nurse clinics, advanced diagnostics and everything in between.

We try to vaccinate cats in line with their lifestyles. The main vaccinations required for indoor cats are against cat flu (Feline Calicivirus and Feline Herpes Virus) and Infectious Enteritis. For those cats who go outside, particularly in areas where there are lots of other cats, the Feline Leukaemia Virus vaccine can be given. FeLV is spread by close contact with other cats - for example, grooming, mating etc.

If your cat stays indoors all the time, his/her risk of catching FeLV is very low so Flu/enteritis are all that are required. We take into account the duration of immunity for each vaccine component so we can avoid giving them more than is necessary (in line with manufacturer's data sheet).