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Health Club

Our preventative health plan

At Cheshirepet we have also designed our Best Friends Health Plan so that you as a pet owner can ensure your pets receive the very best quality preventative treatments, through a simple monthly direct debit.

The concept of spreading the annual cost of household bills is a regular and well recognised feature of our daily lives – why should the essential preventative treatments for your pets be any different? Benefits of the plan include an overall minimum 20% saving compared to 'pay-as-you-go' as well as discounts on many other products and services at the practice.

The plan provides:

  • Annual Health Check and Booster Vaccination

  • Microchip included

  • Primary course of vaccinations

  • Six month health check by a Vet

  • Flea treatment for 12 months

  • Lungworm prevention and worming treatments

  • Kennel cough vaccination

  • 10% discount on rabies vaccination

  • 10% discount on neutering

  • 10% discount on dentals

  • Access to low cost trauma insurance

  • Rabbits receive: vaccination, plus six monthly health and dental checks protection against flystrike

Talk to one of our team for more information and sign up by completing a simple form.