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‘Brave Pet’ Award for Lucky Cat


The team at Cheshire Pet in Sandbach were so impressed with Simba the cat, they decided to let everyone know by giving him their ‘Brave Pet’ award. This lovely family cat has definitely used up one of his nine lives!

Simba, a three year old cat, belongs to the Cooper family from Minshull Vernon and owner James Cooper is delighted that their much loved pet has been restored to full health following a very traumatic ordeal.

Simba went missing for a couple of days and the family were getting really concerned. When he eventually returned home, James was shocked to see that he had a really nasty wound on the back of his neck. He immediately whisked him off to Cheshire Pet thinking that the wound was the result of a fight.

Vet Laura Atkinson, who has a specialist interest in feline medicine, was very concerned about the injuries and took an X-ray of the area.  The results were a nasty surprise for everyone as the X-ray revealed lots of small metal pieces embedded under the skin around the wounded area. Laura realised that this was the result of Simba being shot.

Laura immediately removed as many of the small fragments as possible and Simba has made a full recovery.

James said, “I was really shocked, it’s hard to believe that someone could do such a thing.  Simba can be quite timid so he wouldn’t have approached anyone. He is part of the family; our other cat has been feeling a bit lonely whilst Simba has been undergoing treatment. So we are just happy to have our lovely pet back, healthy and happy.”

Laura said, “Thankfully, this is a very rare occurrence and Simba was very lucky to survive. He has recovered well and he really deserved the special award of ‘brave pet’. Not only for going through what he did, but also for being so good with all his follow up treatment, we think he has been particularly brave.”

Simba has now put the ordeal behind him and was delighted to receive a big bag of food from Cheshire Pet to celebrate his ‘Brave Pet’ Award.

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