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Healthy KittizensĀ 

For any healthy cat of any age

Cheshire Pet Medical Centre has always strived to provide the best possible care to its feline patients.

Therefore, we are delighted to welcome you and your cat to our Healthy Kittizens Life-Stage Clinic where we can take a holistic look at your cat’s nutrition wellbeing and lifestyle!

Held in our purpose designed cat clinic, your cat will have a full health examination paying particular attention to nutrition, body weight, lifestyle and behaviour. It is an ideal opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your young cat. As part of the clinic, we will run a urine test to check for problems such as early kidney disease, cystitis and other urinary tract problems- and don’t worry, we supply some cat friendly litter so you can collect a sample of urine!

This monitoring booklet will enable you to keep track of your cat’s progress, test results, and any medication changes. It will also enable you record any changes in your cat’s health or behaviour and note the plans and date for your next appointment.

Cost £69.00

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