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Stem Cell Therapy at Cheshire Pet

Sandbach Cheshire Pet has been leading the way in cutting edge medicine and has been using innovative stem cell treatment to alleviate arthritis in a dog, thanks to the expertise of leading Cheshire based veterinary surgeon Mike Guilliard. The dog had suffered a cruciate rupture and had previously undergone surgery but was now suffering from painful arthritis which was not responding to treatment.

Cheshire’s very own ‘Super Vet’ Mike Guilliard said this is only the second such operation he has performed:“This is still considered to be a relatively ‘new’ procedure because stem cell harvesting has only been commercially available to vets for two years. The results are dramatic, the procedure is safe and works well on the knee joint which is very receptive.”

Mike is an acclaimed orthopaedic veterinary surgeon, a Fellow of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and is a recipient of the prestigious Simon Award from the British Small Animal Veterinary Association. Having studied at the University of Cambridge Veterinary School his professional career culminated in the building of the Nantwich Veterinary Hospital in 1998. He now works as an independent veterinary surgeon and has a specialist interest in dogs, also being a trackside surgeon at Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium in Manchester.

The stem cell procedure is performed in two stages. Firstly, cells and blood are taken from the patient under sedation and sent to a specialist laboratory where the stems cells are harvested. Ten days later the cells are delivered on dry ice by courier to the practice at a specific time so that the second procedure can be carried out. The new cells are injected into the affected joint and they then start the process of repair by releasing chemicals. These specialised molecules kick-start the growth of new cartilage which helps reduce the swelling and pain almost immediately.  The result is a dramatic improvement with the dog no longer limping or suffering any pain in that joint.

Cameron Muir Veterinary Surgeon said: “We are privileged to have access to the skills of such an outstanding surgeon as Mike and delighted that our clients can benefit from this type of progressive procedure.”

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